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Michael Murray and Paul Cloney set up an accounting practice Murray Cloney & Associates in 1992.

About Quality Bookkeepers

In 1992, the partnership of Michael Murray and Paul Cloney established ‘Murray Cloney & Associates’ an accounting practice in Cork.

About Quality Bookkeeping Limited

Michael Murray and Paul Cloney incorporated Murray Cloney & Associates – an accounting
practice committed to providing simplified accounting solutions – in 1992. Over the years,
the company has been successful in everything they do and has now offices in Charleville
and Mallow in Co. Cork as well as Kilmallock in Co. Limerick. Also, it has a fast expanding
business in Cork City and suburbs.
During the early years of establishment, the company felt the need for providing dedicated
bookkeeping services to business owners who wanted their books to be looked after on a day-
to-day business. This led to the rise of the formation of Quality Bookkeeping Limited or
QBK.ie – the sister company of Murray Cloney & Associates.
With the influx of cloud-based technology and the quick expansion of what Xero Accounting
Software can do, Quality Bookkeeping Limited is now moving to a completely new level.
Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and we are offering a nationwide service.
Our company is expanding rapidly With modern technology and the powers of advanced technology, it can
be easily said that the days of invoices and bank statements being posted to your
accountant/bookkeeper are nearly gone.
We specialise in offering a varied range of packages from basic starter where the client takes
the package, posts everything himself and lets the year-end to his own accountant for
processing or indeed does it himself to the top package whereby our team does everything for
your business – be it accounts or monthly performance analysis.

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